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Blockchain Literature Review

This work provides a systematic literature review of blockchain-based applications across multiple domains. The aim is to investigate the current state of blockchain technology and its applications and to highlight how specific characteristics of this disruptive technology can revolutionise “business-as-usual” practices.

  • For example, Wang et al. (2019) conducted a literature review to determine the value of blockchain for supply chain management in four areas that encompassed: extended visibility and traceability, supply chain digitalization and disintermediation, improved data security and smart contracts.

  • This review will provide a comprehensible as well as concise research compendium for all applications proposed, implemented, and possible in the future to realize the concept of smart villages for the development of rural areas using blockchain technology. Go to: Introduction

  • Blockchain Blockchain: a literature review Authors: Anjee Gorkhali Susquehanna University Ling Li Asim Shrestha University of Canberra Abstract A blockchain consists of an ordered list with nodes...

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